shake the tempest cie sandrine anglade

Through a joyful play led by one comedian and one musician, this light version facilities via a ludic, interactive, theatrical and musical way, to take in charge the narration of the lines from The Tempest from Shakespeare. In parallel, it also allows to start the dramaturgical and philosophical questions raised by the play and to discover the ancient music repertoire (via Dowland, Johson).

The theatre, the musique, in a moment of complicity with the spectators, offers an area of reflection on our word and oneself:

  • What is a tempest? Meteorological tempest or inner tempest

  • What conflict tell about us?

  • Do we need tempest?

  • How is it possible to understand and accept our differences?

The spectacle can be played in a classroom, a meeting room, a sport hall, a canteen, a library for example