Benoît Segui

► Multidisciplinary Artist
► Contemporary and Classical Guitarist
► Researcher in Musicology
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15 December 2021 in Thèse

L’instrument comme objet-sculpture

D’une manière générale, il faut parler du phénomène de patrimonialisation. Créée dans une sorte « d’angoisse de la perte », ce procédé de l’époque romantique n’a de cesse de figer dans le…
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Researcher and Musician playing around Theater, Danse and Circus

Benoit Segui began his studies at the Conservatory of Toulon-Provence-Méditerranée followed by the Conservatory of Aix-en-Provence. He then perfected his skills in classical and contemporary guitar at the École Supérieure Musique et Danse des Hauts de France in Lille as well as the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp.

Throughout his studies and still today, he diversifies his instrumental practice, exploring improvised, experimental or ancient and traditional music. These artistic researches are all carried out following a pronounced taste for the contemporary creation, all forms confused. For that, he doesn’t hesitate to go towards the other arts, whether it is with dance, the circus or the theatre. It is in this spirit that he created, with his musician friend Bastien Pouillès, the collective Silhouettes Contemporaines.

His desire to share art in a different way than the one conventionally proposed by theatres convinced him to start a thesis at the University Aix-Marseille. He is particularly interested in all these rich attempts that the 20 th century could glimpse through the performance (futurist, Dadaist, Russian constructivist, surrealist, post-dramatic theatre…). He puts them in perspective with the Elizabethan theatre, a period of incredible richness in terms of scenic questioning, artistic meaning and the relationship with the public. In parallel to the performances, he pays particular attention to the creation of shared moments with the public. These intimate contacts take the form of activities, immersive shows or exchanges. They are aimed at children as well as adults, without adaptation according to age, putting forward the sensitive aspect that is already fully present in children.

He currently performs with different ensembles and companies, such as theatre companies Sandrine Anglade, Les Aubes de l’Ouest, Les chants égarés ; Silhouettes Contemporaines ; the circus company LaterrateraL.

Benoit currently lives between Paris, Marseille and Bruxelles.


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Past Events

  • Manana al alba

    29 April 2022 à 19h30 at La Chaudronnerie (Théâtre) │ La Ciotat
  • La Tempête

    12 March 2022 à 20h00 at Opéra de Vichy │ Vichy
  • La Tempête

    1 February 2022 à 19h30 at Théâtre des Bergeries │ Noisy-le-Sec
  • La Tempête

    28 January 2022 à 20h30 at Comédie de Picardie │ Amiens
  • La Tempête

    27 January 2022 à 20h30 at Comédie de Picardie │ Amiens